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 Garden Me Up is a thriving landscape maintenance and garden care business serving residential and commercial customers in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Garden Me Up's specialty is providing personalized on-going garden maintenance services to keep your landscape looking styled, tended, full and fresh. Whether your garden landscape is newly planted or long established, Garden Me Up landscapers and gardeners will partner with you to skillfully enhance, renew, refresh and maintain the perfect look and style for your home or business. 

Garden Me Up offers garden maintenance service visits on a repeating weekly, biweekly or monthly basis with visits available March through December. Call or email today to set up an on-going maintenance schedule for your garden landscape.

Garden Me Up garden landscapers also provide professional design and installation services. Just give us a call or email when you have a project inspiration and we'll schedule you in to discuss your new project with you as soon as we can!


Garden Me Up


You're on your way to the look you love. We'll reply soon. Thanks for reaching out to us!

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